Stocking Your Sewing Kit The Right Way

Date Published: January 31, 2021

Stocking Your Sewing Kit The Right Way

Before you can start sewing like a professional, you need to have the right equipment to get you started. That is why we at So So Into It Academy have made a list of all the stuff you need to have a designer sewing kit. 

  • Sewing Machine Needles 
  • Iron
  • Fabric Scissors 
  • Pin Holder 
  • Thimble 
  • Needle Threader 
  • Tape Measure 

Sewing Machine Needles

Certain material requires specific needles and the same goes for your type of sewing machine. Make sure that you do enough research about your sewing machine to know which needles to get.

It’s also important to change your needles depending on the material that you have chosen to use. Denim needs a different needle to silk.


Every finished piece needs a good ironing. That is why you need to make sure you have the best iron for your finished products. With a subpar iron, you might completely ruin your latest project. Add it to your kit. 

Do not forget a sturdy ironing board to go with it. That way, you don’t need to iron on the bed or the dining room table.

Fabric Scissors

You cannot use ordinary scissors to cut fabric. The same way that you cannot use fabric scissors to cut anything other than fabric. These are an essential part of any sewing operation and need their own place in your new sewing kit. 

The better your scissors, the easier and more stress-free your sewing experience will become.

Pin Holder

Losing your pins is never a good start, not to mention the danger it could pose. That is why a pin holder is an essential part of your designer sewing kit. It is also a great way to avoid losing pins and having to buy more. 


Nobody likes to get hurt when enjoying their hobby. That is why we have added a thimble to your box of tricks.

If you bleed all over your pretty fabric, it might be rather hard to get rid of the stains. Get a thimble. It is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Needle Threader

Wetting the tip of the tread and carefully trying to get it through the eye of a needled can be rather frustrating. It can take anywhere between seconds and minutes.

That is why adding a needle threader to your kit is a great way to save you time and unnecessary stress. 

Tape Measure

A tape measure is essential to each and every sewing operation. How will you know what size your project needs to be if you do not have a tape measure? Even if your measurements are slightly off, it might just ruin your entire project. 

Other Essentials

Depending on your skills as a sewist, you might require a few more essentials to add to your new designer kit. Why not visit Fabric8 to find all the best supplies for your craft. 

Author: Andrea Frisby

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