What Do We Offer?

SoSoIntoItAcademy of Clothing Design is a training provider of non-formal, practical, short, hobbyist, skills and own business courses. Our courses are not accredited. They are not on the NQF and not based on any Unit Standards. The Academy is not Registered with the Department of Higher Education.

To do one of our courses you need a real interest in sewing, pattern making and clothing design. You don’t need any prior learning or experience or training. You need to be able to read and understand our training materials. So you need about Grade 7 level English.

View our course calendar CLICK HERE  to see the start days of our courses. CLICK HERE to view our Course fees. Our students are welcome to visit our studio before they enrol in one of our courses. CLICK HERE for information on how to visit our studio. CLICK HERE to Book an appointment with your lecturer to answer all your questions.


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I offer basic, intermediate and advance pattern making courses. These courses will teach you all the fundamentals and advance techniques to help you master pattern making. Upon completion of any level course, you will receive a certificate.
Just as with the Pattern making courses, I offer basic, intermediate and advance level sewing courses. These courses will teach you how to use a sewing machine to the best of its ability. You will receive a certificate upon completion.
I sell both Brother and Singer Sewing machines at reasonable prices. These machines start from beginner and go to top of the range. Simply place an order, pay and pick up. It's that Easy!
Order Machines Online
With sewing machines being used to make personal protection equipment like masks, you can now buy your machine and have it couriered to you the next day. Each machine is accompanied by the correct CIPC Covid-10 Certificate, showing that it can legitimately be bought, couriered and delivered right now. Here is a sample of the certificate that accompanies your machine, and which you receive with the machine from our couriers.