What Certificates do We Offer?

At the SoSoIntoIt Academy of Clothing Construction, we offer the following certificates:

  • Short Course Certificates
  • Specialisation Certificates
  • Comprehensive Certificate

Short Course Certificates

Specialisation Certificates

Our short courses build up to the following two specialisation certificates:

Each of these courses are made up from two short courses, levels 1 and 2 of each specialisation.

Comprehensive Certificate

The comprehensive certificate is what you get if you complete all four the short course modules. The modules build one on top of the other, teaching you the skills from basic up to an advanced level.

Is a Certificate a Degree?

No, a certificate is not a degree. A degree means you study for at least three years, full-time at an University. And then you get an accredited qualification at the end of it.

We offer certificates that prove that you successfully completed all the course elements. So they are Course Completion Certificates. Our courses are much shorter than degrees or other accredited courses.

We teach you the real skills to use your sewing machine; understand, change and create patterns; and end up making your own clothes.

Are these Certificates Accredited?

No, our courses are not accredited. Accredited courses are much longer, with much more theory. Our courses are practical, hands-on courses for people wanting to learn the basic skills of sewing and pattern-making.

If you want to study an accredited course, or even a degree in fashion design, you will find a number of accredited education providers in the Western Cape, where you can study post-matric courses up to Degree level.

Will this course guarantee me a job?

No course will ever guarantee you a job. Our courses are not aimed at preparing you for a job. It is a skills course, for hobbyists and people wanting to start their own businesses.

I lost my certificate - Can I get a replacement?

Yes, if you lost your SoSoIntoIt Academy Certificate, or if it got damaged, we will replace it a no cost. We will check our records to confirm what course(s) you competed, and give you your replacement certificate in a week or less.