Sewing Patches Onto Your Jeans

Date Published: December 4, 2020

Patches on jeans have become a new, fast-spreading fashion trend. Now that jeans are being sold with patches and a pretty high markup, you must learn how to do it yourself. 

Here is everything you need to know about sewing patches onto your jeans.

The Fashion Statement

Patched jeans have quickly become a fashion staple all over again. Starting in the ’90s, pop icons like Britney Spears quickly started spreading this trend internationally. Pretty soon, everybody was wearing patched jeans.

The trend soon died down and virtually disappeared until very recently where it has made a monumental comeback. Now worn by popstars and Hollywood dwellers alike, fashion houses are now starting to sell pre-patched jeans for a rather high price.

Why Making Your Own Is The Best Idea

Making your patched jeans is the best thing you could do when keeping up with this trend. Why?

  • Yours will be unique: If you start patching your own jeans, you are never going to run into somebody with the same jeans as you. You can go ahead and make them as unique as you want. Decorate them to your own taste and style.
  • You will be saving money: Not buying the expensive store-bought jeans means you will end up saving a lot of money. Patch a few of the jeans you already own and you will save yourself money.  
  • You could start patching jeans like a business: If you become good at patching jeans and people like your style, you could even start patching jeans for extra money.

Sewing the Patches Onto Jeans

Follow these steps when patching your jeans:

  • Choose darker or matching thread: The darker thread will make the patch stand out even more as if an outline. The matching thread will keep the emphasis on the patch itself.
  • Identify the spot where you want the patch and pin the patch to the jeans: 3-5 pins should do the trick.
  • Thread your needle: Be sure to tie a knot so that the thread does not pull through the eye. 
  • Sew the patch on: take the needle through the outer edge from the inside on the jeans. Keep using a straight stitch at the edge of the patch. Keep the stitch as close as possible for a tight fit. 
  • Tie the thread: Pull the needle through to the inside of the jeans, and tie a knot to ensure the stitch does not pull through.
  • Remove excess thread: Cut off all excess thread so that it is neat and less likely to pull loose when you are putting your jeans on.

Improving Your Skills

Are you eager to improve your sewing skills and become an expert at jean patching and clothing creation?

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Author: Andrea Frisby

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