Get Rid of These Bad Sewing Habits

Date Published: November 24, 2020

Whether you are a beginner or a well-established sewist, you might have picked up a few bad habits along the way that have stuck. 

These bad habits could be the reason that your sewing is not working out in the best way. Or even the reason that your seams are not lasting nearly long enough. 

Here are a few bad habits that sewists have and how to get rid of them.

  • You do not clean your sewing machine 
  • Using sewing scissors for things other than fabric 
  • Not ironing your seams
  • You do not follow pattern directions correctly 
  • Putting pins in your mouth

You Are Not Cleaning Your Sewing Machine

Sometimes when something does not seem dirty, we do not feel the need to clean it. With a sewing machine, cleaning is a very important step without which you could get quite hurt. 

Once lint starts to build up in the machine, one of two things can happen. Either your machine will just stop working and you will have little idea as to why, or the lint buildup could cause your machine to catch on fire. 

Get rid of this bad habit and make sure to clean your machine on the regular. Sure, sometimes it might feel difficult and unnecessary, but not as much as a fire or a broken machine would.

Here is a great video on how to clean your sewing machine.

Fabric Scissors Are Only For Fabric

Fabric scissors are made for that exact reason, cutting fabric. The blades are only designed and suited to be used on fabric and materials. If you start using them on other things like paper, cardboard or even plastic, you will ruin the blades and end up with bad fabric scissors. 

Get rid of the nasty habit of using fabric scissors on anything other than fabric. It is never worth ruining a pair of good fabric scissors.

You Do Not Iron Your Seams

Ironing you seams is a very important part of the sewing process. Without ironing, your seams will tend to split. By pressing your seams, your thread will meld into the fabric and tend to last a lot longer than if you do not. 

It might seem tedious and so you could get into the habit of skipping this step. If you do, the overall finish of your clothing or project will be poor. Take the extra time to press your seams to ensure a good looking, lasting product. 

Here is a video on how to press your seams.

You Do Not Follow Pattern Directions

Sometimes when you start working on a pattern, you may think you know what you are doing and be encouraged to skip a few steps. Very often, this can only end in disaster. 

Make sure that you read the instructions and steps beforehand to get a good idea about how to follow the pattern. Each step has been tried and tested and is there for a reason. Rather take the time to read and diligently follow the steps than to end up with a less than an ok piece of work.

You Put Pins In Your Mouth

It seems like a quick place to hold your pins when you are in the middle of something, but this is a very dangerous habit to have. Some sewists have accidentally inhaled a pin into their lung after doing this and ended up severely injured. 

Get rid of this bad habit and rather get a pin cushion to make sure that all of your pins are out of harm’s way.

Getting Rid of Bad Habits Once and For All

Sewing courses are a great way for you to lose bad habits whilst also improving your skill set. 

Here are the courses that we offer at SoSo Into It Academy, so why not start today? 

Author: Andrea Frisby

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