5 Biggest Mistakes That Beginners Make: Seamstress Addition

Date Published: November 16, 2020

As a beginner in sewing, you might encounter a few difficulties along the way. Often you will not even know that you are doing something wrong. When you make mistakes like this in sewing, it can cost you your entire piece of work.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes that sewers make when they first start, so avoid doing these as much as you can. 

  • The wrong needle size.
  • The tension is not correct.
  • You are not pressing your seams. 
  • Using a measuring tape without knowing how to measure. 
  • Choosing patterns for advanced sewers.

You Are Using The Wrong Size Needle

If you are not sure which needle to use and pick up the wrong one, it can cause some serious issues with the finish of your products. For instance, jeans would need a much stronger needle than chiffon. 

The needle will affect the overall quality of your project. Having the wrong size needle can cause:

  • Skipped stitches in your clothes or materials
  • Your needles could break
  • You could end up with knots at the end of your fabric 

Visit this link if you need a little bit of extra help with choosing a needle.

The Tension Is Not Correct

Usually, the tension in sewing might be a little hard to notice at first. The best way to ensure you have the right tension is to test which tension works best on the material you are using. Do this first before attempting to start the project. 

Using the wrong tension can cause:

  • Pulls in your fabric, clothing or otherwise. 
  • Pluckers in the seam, resulting in an untidy finish.

You Are Not Pressing Your Seams

Pressing your seams might take a long time as a beginner. You could even find yourself wondering what the point of all of it is. Luckily, we are here to break down why it is so important to press your seams:

  • You want your material or project to have a good finish.
  • You want to avoid uneven seams that appear messy. 
  • You do not want crooked seams. 

It looks like a lot of work at the time, but you can always press your seams in batches. If you want to have your projects coming out looking neat and professional, do not skip this step.

Using Measuring Tape Without Knowing How To Measure

When you are just starting out, using a measuring tape can be a bit tricky. To get the right measurements you have to be sure where exactly you need to measure. 

Try not to do your own measurements either. You might be tempted to pull the measuring tape tighter or change your measurements to suit what you want them to be. 

Click here if you need help with measuring and where on the body you should measure before starting a clothing project.

Choosing Patterns For Advanced Sewers

It is tempting to choose patterns that are advanced because you want to start that specific project. This is usually a bad idea that will most likely end in an unfinished, messy project. 

Start with patterns for beginners and work your way through the different projects until you are good enough to try something a bit harder. This way, you will also be harnessing new skills and learning tips and tricks that will be necessary for later projects, 

Remember that sewing is not a race. Rather do it at your own pace and learn to become a great sewer than try difficult projects and get disheartened before you even start getting good. 

If you are a beginner, intermediate or professional sewer, it is always good to get some extra practise in the form of a course. Have a look at all the courses we at So So Into It Academy have to offer.

Author: Andrea Frisby

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