So So Into It Academy- Who are we?

Date Published: October 9, 2020

So So Into It Academy is the dream school for any budding fashion designers, pattern makers and sewists. Whether you’re looking to refine your skills or start from scratch, So So Into It Academy is the place for you! 

With short courses in sewing, patternmaking and comprehensive clothing design, there is something for every fashion enthusiast. 

The So So framework

All courses are sourced and run by fashion extraordinaire, Amanda Badenhorst, who has years of fashion and sewing professionalism behind her name. 

With a passion for teaching those who also love the art of fashion, Amanda turned a hobby into a fashion school and full-time career. 

Currently, Amanda Badenhorst is working with VIA, channel 147 on DSTV, partaking in the new fashion and sewing show “Stik Stik So”.


Are we right for you?

So So Into It Academy is a home for creative individuals. If you’re wondering why this institution would be a good idea for you, here are some reasons: 

  • Upon completion, you will get a So So into certificate: When you’re finished with your chosen course, you’ll get a special certificate that can prove your knowledge and experience in your chosen field! 
  • Encounter a fully equipped studio to aid your learning experience: The classroom is fully equipped with all you can possibly need to become an A-Class sewist, patternmaker or fashion designer. 
  • Work with a fashion expert: Amanda Badenhorst has years of fashion experience behind her name and grew her own business from her hobby. You could too!
  • You can improve on your certificates: There are multiple certificates to do in each line of work. That means that you can always do more!

Your future

If you dream of going into a career in fashion, or just want to refine your skills and learn something new, So So Into It Academy is the place for you! 

It’s never too late to live your dream career! So why not start now? 

Where do I sign up?

For all creative individuals who are looking to make So So Into It Academy their new creative home, click here to contact us! 

Or view our full website here

Author: Andrea Frisby

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