10 Must Learn Sewing Skills

Date Published: December 14, 2020

When it comes to learning to sew, there are a few skills that you must know to stay ahead and really get good at the art. 

  1. Operating a sewing machine 
  2. Inserting and removing a needle
  3. Adjusting sewing machine tension 
  4. Choosing the right thread 
  5. Hand sewing techniques 
  6. Sewing the zig-zag stitch 
  7. Sewing a zipper
  8. Sewing a button
  9. Sewing Scalloped Edges 
  10. Invisible zippers

Operating a Sewing Machine

Having a sewing machine is not even half of the work. You need to know how to operate the machine to be able to perfect the art of sewing. To get a hang of your sewing machine you should:

  • Read the manual 
  • Learn from youtube 
  • Practise on bits of material 
  • Take a course 

Inserting and removing a needle

Without having a needle, you cannot sew. It can also be a little dangerous if you do it the wrong way. You can also run the risk of breaking the needle if you do not do these steps accurately. 

Interesting and removing a needle can be tricky in the beginning so it is important to follow a few of these tips.

Adjusting Sewing Machine Tension

Without the correct sewing machine tensions, you will run the risk of making mistakes with your sewing. To keep the finish sharp and professional, you have to work on the tension in your machine. 

  • Set up your sewing machine according to the manual 
  • Adjust your tension knob to the right setting 
  • Run seam tests to check the tension

Choosing the Right Thread

There are many reasons why choosing the right thread can define or ruin your outfit:

  • It might be the wrong colour for the material 
  • It might be too thin 
  • It might be too thick 

Keep in mind that each project you start might require a different type of tread for it to come out professionally and to last long. 

Do enough research on the work and the tread before you start sewing and ruin your material or waste your thread.

Hand Sewing Techniques

If you are a regular sewist, you must learn to hand sew before you can jump into a machine. Hand sewing is really beneficial when it comes to sewing on a button, fixing a quick hem or patching up a small hole. 

Often, this might just be a more convenient way of doing quick jobs. Click here for everything you need to know about hand sewing.

Sewing the zig-zag stitch

If you are into decorating or making your clothing visually appealing, the zig-zag stitch is just for you. 

ZIg-zag stitching is also a great way to reinforce your material. To learn how to zig-zag stitch, click here.

Sewing a Zipper

Nearly every item of clothing will require a zipper, that is why this is one of the top skills you need to know as a sewist. 

To attach a zipper, follow these steps:

  • Attach the zipper to your fabric 
  • Sew one side of the zipper into the fabric 
  • Sew the top of the zipper into the material 
  • Check how it looks (is it straight?)
  • If so, sew the second side of the zipper into the fabric

Sewing a button

Buttons are a very important part of the sewing process. This is often the best place to start when you are a new sewist. Since nearly everything has buttons, you should learn how.

Sewing Scalloped Edges

For those sewists who are a little more creative, this one could be for you. Scalloped edges are a great and creative way for you to decorate your garments. 

Whilst it can seem a little tricky, it is easy enough to learn and will really be able to amp up your sewing game. Click here to learn more. 

Invisible Zippers

This is one of the more difficult techniques to learn, but once you do, you will be able to make beautiful evening clothes with invisible zippers.

Learn how to sew an invisible zipper here.

Sewing Courses

The best way to get all of the top tips and tricks in sewing is to start one of our courses. Not only will you learn these 10 skills, but you will also become very good at the art of sewing and design.

Click here to learn more about the courses that we offer.

Author: Andrea Frisby

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