5 Things You Need to Know About The American Jean Empire

Date Published: December 2, 2020

Blue jeans are a fashion staple in both America and worldwide. This key outfit element was born in the 1800s and grew into a lucrative empire. 

Here are 5 things you need to know about the American Jean Empire.

The Jean Staple

Jeans came into fashion in America in the 1800s and have since become one of the most fundamental pieces in American Fashion. Around about 450 million pairs of jeans are sold every year in the United States of America and act as one of their booming businesses. 

Originally, jeans were created by Bavarian immigrant Loeb Strauss whose family sold cloth, linens and clothing. Later, Strauss changed his name. From now on he would be known as Levi Strauss.

Blue Jeans, War and James Dean

The start of the war had soldiers going to war in jeans which influenced many people at home to start the fashion trend. It was indeed Marilyn Monroe’s jeans in Clash By Night that started the fashion trend. Later, James Dean’s jeans gave rise to the bad boy look that grabbed the attention of many young consumers.

The 70’s and Bell Bottoms

The larger flair at the ankle was the defining outfit of the 70’s thanks to Elvis Presley. This was also the era that the denim-on-denim trend began with denim jackets and bell-bottom jeans. 

This 70’s trend went on to influence the 80’s jean fashion stable of tapered or rolled up ankle jeans.

Britney’s Jean Outfits and the 90’s

The ’90s came with denim packed fashion infusion. Not only did we see Britney Spears rocking entire denim outfits, but there were a few other trends that dawned in the ’90s:

  • Colour patched jeans 
  • Carpenter Jeans
  • Jean Shorts 
  • Embroidered Jeans

Modern Day Jeans

 Today, the world of jeans is a fashion empire. Even though skinny jeans are still the cut of choice, looks like flared bottoms and bootlegs are making their way back into the international closet. 

New jeans have also come into play, this includes jeggings which are a rather comfortable mix of jeans and leggings. 

The American Jean Empire has come a long way from its start in the 1800s, but where on earth would we be without blue jeans? 

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Author: Andrea Frisby

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