5 Things Only a Seamstress Could Understand

Date Published: October 26, 2020

When it comes to being a seamstress, there are a few things that only you could understand. Often, these actions or topics will mean nothing or very little to somebody else but at a seamstress, they push your buttons! Pun intended.

Here is a list of 5 things only a seamstress could understand. 

Using Fabric Scissors for well...NOT FABRIC

This one happens too often for comfort. Somebody in the house is looking for a pair of scissors and you’ve just opened up your sewing kit, ready to get working. 

The phone rings and you disappear for a few seconds. You come back to find somebody using your fabric cutting scissors to open their takeout delivery box or to cut out some pictures, maybe they’re one of those people that slice pizza with scissors. The horror of it all. 

They don’t understand why you’re so upset. Only you can understand the gravity of the situation and go off to mourn a good pair of fabric scissors.

The Feeling of Getting a New Sewing Machine

To everybody else, it’s just a machine. You come home with a brand new machine and nobody bats an eye, again all you do is sew. 

At last, you unwrap the beauty and dive into the manual because yes the manual is important. You fire it up and understand what Aladin meant when he sang A Whole New World. You have a whole new machine, countless new feature and a new way to complete all of your designs. 

HOW EXCITING?! Your friends and family slowly start changing the subject because this is only something a seamstress could understand.

Somebody Compliments Your Work. No…Your Art

You’ve made somebody a garment, a blanket, a piece of clothing…a work of art and now their face is lighting up in awe. For any seamstress, this moment is priceless. 

Your heart starts pounding with joy, you feel like you could just jump up and dance the night away. Hours, days spent on perfecting this artwork and they love it. Could there be a better feeling? Not to a seamstress.

The Case of The Messy Thread

As a seamstress, you know that your threat is about as equivalent as having a shedding dog. The thread ends up almost everywhere. 

You’ve got a meeting? Rushing out has never been this easy. Coffee is done, hair styled, you’re ready to take on the day! Only to realise that when you get to your meeting, you’ve covered in bits of thread. A rainbow of thread decorates the back of your stylish blazer. 

You quickly brush it away before your colleagues get there, just to find more in your hair. BUT HOW? It’s only something a seamstress could understand.

The Fabric Store is Your Toy Store

When you’re out shopping and see a fabric store, you’re like a child in a toy store, a kid in a candy store. It. Is. Heaven. 

You have to go in. Even if they haven’t got anything new since the last time you were there which we all know was yesterday. You just like the smell and feel of all the fabrics. Some people like to hear the sea. You? You prefer the phrase, how many meters of fabric would you like?

Again, nobody gets it. They all wait outside or call you 2 hours later from home because they’ve left you behind. It’s only something a seamstress could understand. 

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Author: Andrea Frisby

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