Face Masks: The latest fashion trend

Date Published: October 14, 2020

COVID-19 came quickly and took the world by storm. With it, it brought tight lockdown regulations, levels of isolation and most of all fear. These are all factors that could naturally be predicted in a pandemic type situation. 

What we didn’t predict, however, was that face masks would turn into the latest fashion trend. In no time at all, masks morphed from disease blockers to fashion stoppers. 

The Fashion Staple

Masks are now a fundamental part of your outfit. Do they match my outfit? Are they unique? Is this enough of a statement? These are the kinds of questions that have sprung up from the rubble of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Whatever your outfit, there is a mask to match it. 

Fashion Giants

Fashion giants like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Dior are all jumping into the mask fashion game. Not only are they designing and manufacturing masks for public appeal, but also for medical workers who indeed need them the most. 

Cotton on, Woolworths and other clothing giants are examples of other companies that are also creating desirable masks and helping this new fashion item become a part of everybody’s outfit. 

Face masks have so easily and thoughtless become a collection item that fit into our day-to-day outfit collaborations. Fashion markets have somehow found a way to monopolise on a pandemic, and the public is here for it!

Social Media

One way to track and copy trends is on social media. Instagram, Facebook and twitter are bombarded with mask-fashion every day. This way, people start to want in and buy themselves fashionable masks to fit into the new masking madness. 

Anywhere you go you can find a trendy mask. Instagram, Facebook groups, the mall, the garage, they’re everywhere!  It begs the question, is it safety first or fashion first?

Luxury Street Apparel

Not only have masks taken the posh brands by storm but the streetwear brands are also in line with the latest fashion trend. 

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic came into fruition, face masks, neck gaiters and balaclavas were a staple part of the streetwear scene. Only now, this fashion staple has been amplified.

Types of masks

Now that COVID-19 has been with us for a while, fashion designers have found a way to create more than one type of mask! Here a few of the most popular options:

  • Cloth masks: Probably the most popular ones at the moment, cloth masks are simple shields against viral particles. They are also a great fashion statement and often sport different patterns or designs, 
  • Bandanas: This triangular piece of cloth gives a much-needed break from the usual shape of cloth or surgical masks. Old style cowboy, new style millennial! 
  • Neck gaiters: A staple of the streetwear scene, neck gaiters are worn around the neck and can be pulled up over the mouth and nose.
  • Surgical masks: The disease of the fashion industry are plain, boring surgical masks. Surgical masks are where it all started and now, fashion doesn’t want anything to do with them!

Make your own

With masks becoming a highly sought after fashion item, their price point is also rising. What was meant to be a safety measure has grown into a money-making empire.

So why not make your own masks? 

If you’re interested in making your own face masks have a look at this tutorial and start your own fashion trends!

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Author: Andrea Frisby

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