The therapy of sewing

Date Published: October 9, 2020

Sewing is not only an art form of note. It also so happens to be a great form of therapy. Many people use their hobbies as types of therapy and meditation. This goes for activities like gardening and cooking, too! 

There is an essence of presence that comes from sewing, delving deep into your activity and really using it as a type of escapism from generally everyday stress. 

Here is how sewing works as a type of therapy.

Getting away from the screens

Sometimes in today’s world, we struggle to get a break from our electronic devices. There are multiple studies to show that constantly engaging with our mobile devices can take a serious toll on our mental health. 

Sewing is a great way to break away from all this technological fatigue. When you’re sewing, you’re keeping both your mind and body busy. You’re no longer needing to scroll through social media accounts and drown in fake content! 

Sewing keeps you present and acts as a type of meditation. You’re focusing on your art form and your breathing. Don’t underestimate how important this can be for your mental health! 

Me time

No, me-time isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity We forget how important it is to just spend time with ourselves are recharge. Loving yourself is the first step to a successful and happy life and that comes with spending time with yourself! How else will you get to know the real you?

Me time is also proven to increase senses of self-confidence, gratitude and even productivity!
World off, sewing on!

Improving your self-confidence

When you sew your own clothing, you’re constantly measuring your body. For some, this may seem like a bad thing but it’s honestly quite the opposite. 

If you’re constantly measuring your body and dressing your body, you get over the stigma of size and start to love your body. You’re decorating it with beautiful clothing that is fitted and designed perfectly, just for you.

There almost isn’t a better way to appreciate the stunning vessel that is your body. It’s your home, it takes you places, it’s with you always! It’s time to start loving it.

Sense of accomplishment

Sewing is a great way to feel accomplished. When you finally finish a garment or piece of sewing art, you get an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. And what better way of therapy? 

By accomplishing something, your self worth begins to rise because very soon you realise that you can do stuff! And this stuff so happens to be a beautiful element of art. 

A natural anti-depressant

When we do something we enjoy, like sewing, cooking or gardening, our brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is the happy hormone! So by having a release of dopamine, you’ll naturally feel happier. 

This is close to the effect that an antidepressant pill would have.

By sewing, you’re literally making your body feel happier and lighter. Isn’t that incredible? 

In closing

Sewing can make you feel good in so many ways. Just think of how much therapy and self-improvement lies waiting in this beautiful art form. 

Give it a try!

If you’re interested in any of our sewing courses, have a look here. It’s therapy and art in one, give it a go!

Author: Andrea Frisby

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