5 Things a seamstress should know

Date Published: September 22, 2020

If you’re looking to master the art of sewing, you’ve come to the right place. This article is going to help you master a few skills that form an integral part of mastering the art. 

Whether you’ve a professional seamstress, intermediate or a novice, there are 5 things you should know.

Sewing by hand

Sewing skills should always start with mastering hand sewing before moving onto machine sewing! Not only is it important to understand the techniques and principles of sewing but also the value of creating artwork without the use of a machine. 

Try not to be machine dependent! Taking in a hem or patching up some jeans is easy enough to do by hand and rather quicker than halling out the machine. It’s a great talent to have, keep it alive! Who’s to say that you won’t need to do a quick fixer-upper during load shedding?

Buttons and zippers

Buttons and zippers are an integral part of clothing design and sewing. They can also look rather messy if they aren’t sewn on properly and often, this is rather unforgiving. 

Sewing on buttons is also especially important due to the rate that buttons fall off clothing. Here and here are some tips on how to correctly master the art of zippers and buttons, respectively.  

Sewing terms

To perfect the art of sewing, you need to be done with the lingo. Sewing lingo and sewing terms are basically how you gain access to the mastery club. It’s especially important when asking for sewing advice or just buying sewing materials at a store. 

If you’re down with the lingo, you’re down with the art. 

Here is a glossary of all the sewing terms you need to know. 

Working with leather

This is a tough one, no pun intended. Working with leather is no walk in the park but by having it as a skill, it’ll set you on the path of mastery in no time. 

It’s difficulty lies in the extreme difference between leather and other materials. This means that your entire approach to the material has to be different. 

Make sure to keep your needles just as sharp as your focus in order to successfully conquer leather. Here are some great tips on how to go about sewing with or on leather material.

The in’s and out of your machine

When you’re a seamstress, your sewing machine is your best friend. Very often, people fail to fully understand all the intricacies of their machines and as a result, so many features go unused.
Make sure you know all the tricks that your machine has to offer to get the most out of it and your sewing experience. 

Whip out the good old manual and subject yourself to a bit of night time reading. Or just open up a youtube video to see all the tricks you’re missing. Not only will this help you in mastering the art, but it will up your sewing game like never before.

Author: Andrea Frisby

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