Sewing has always been a popular past time for many generations and still many to come. It is a form of art that showcases passion and talent. Knowing how to work and operate a sewing machine is a valuable skill to have for any person. There will always be a situation in your future that would have been beneficial if you knew how to operate a sewing machine or a needle and thread. But it is never to late to learn! At So So Into It Academy, you can start your sewing course immediately!

Start Your Sewing Course

At So So Into It Academy, you can enroll for a Beginners sewing course that will teach you all the basic fundamentals of sewing while being a absolute beginner. These courses will enable you to fully operate a sewing machine as well as perform a few advance techniques involved in sewing. Learn how to sew: pockets, zips, collars and cuffs, sleeves, buttons and many more!

So So Into It Academy offers the following sewing and pattern making courses:

Sewing Courses

Pattern Making Courses

Will I Get An Award After The Course?

Absolutely! We will issue you an official So So Into It Academy Course certificate on the completion of your course with us. This is great proof of your hard work and an achievement  to share with friends and family. 

sewing patterns
sewing patterns

Meet Your Teacher

The classes are hosted by Amanda Badenhorst who is a veteran in the field of fashion with many years of experience behind her name. She has turned her hobby and passion into a full time career that involves teaching others that share a similar mind set and passion for fashion. She is currently partaking in the sewing and fashion TV Show “Stik Stik So” that is currently being aired on VIA, channel 147 on DStv.

Studio Location

So So Into It Academy currently resides in its first Studio in Brackenfell in the Norther Suburbs of Cape Town. The studio is completely kitted out with all the equipment that you will need to help you throughout your course although you can still bring your own machine if you wish to do so. It is a fun learning environment were everyone is trying to pursue their goals in mastering the fundamentals of sewing. Classes are available throughout the weekdays and on Saturday mornings. 

sewing classes cape town northern suburbs
Pattern Making Course Cape Town Northern Suburbs
sewing classes cape town northern suburbs
Pattern Making Course Cape Town Northern Suburbs

When Can I Start?

Why wait? Book your classes today! Simply click on the button below and fill in the form. We will contact you soon regarding your request.