Have you ever felt like the clothes you buy are just too boring? Do you feel like you can make better clothing, chances are… you probably can. There are many classes available that will equip you with the skills to make your own clothes. Whether it’s to simply make alterations or to design and create your own clothing from scratch, all the information you need is out there.

Sewing Classes and Pattern Making classes

Before you learn anything else, you will need to learn how to sew. Whether by hand or machine, you will be guided on safe practices, mostly be machine though, we are in the age of technology after all. You will learn how to thread the machine and how to safely use it for tailoring and garment creation purposes.

Another aspect you will need to learn is pattern making, ever wondered how those fancy designs grace those clothing items. Now you will learn, how to create your own patterns and apply them to clothing.

Garment Construction classes

These classes will take you on a step by step guide on the construction processes involved in the assembly of garments. You will also be shown the processes involved in the manufacturing and construction of clothing items. Finally you will be shown advanced methods for finishing and will be required to practically apply these methods.