Garment construction is a valuable skill to have when working in the fashion industry. It teaches you the basics of putting together and creating your very own pieces of clothing. This is great for people that are aspiring to become fashion designers or something along the line. Garment construction is the process of cutting and fitting pieces of material to fit the human posture and then joining them by sewing it together.


Where Can I Study Garment Construction part-time?

At So So Into It Academy, you can study various courses that help teach you how to construct garments. These courses involve pattern making and sewing courses.

Meet Your Teacher

sewing patterns

The classes are hosted by Amanda Badenhorst who is a veteran in the field of fashion with many years of experience behind her name. She has turned her hobby and passion into a full time career that involves teaching others that share a similar mind set and passion for fashion. She is currently partaking in the sewing and fashion TV Show “Stik Stik So” that is currently being aired on VIA, channel 147 on DStv.

When Can I Start?

Whenever you are ready! We have classes almost everyday of the week. Simply click on the button below, fill in the form and then we will call you back!