Garment Construction classes will take you through the process of design, creation and assembly of clothing items. Components are created separately and then are combined to the garments which we know and love. As a dressmaker, we are sure that what you are most interested is the design phase of it all, where ideas are free to be. However, big as your ideas may be, there is a limited space to clothing items and your designs need to be able to fit the required size and design of the garments. So there is definitely a degree of refinement required here.

As a creatively minded person, you can no doubt draw your designs out on paper. The modules included in garment construction classes include, learning about the processes of clothing manufacturing and constructing these garments. Then more advanced methods are explored and identified with practical examples being given. Finally the application of the advanced methods are learned, where a practical exercise will take place to prove your garment construction skills.

If you are keen to start your own dressmaking business, it is advised that you take some sort of business management or entrepreneurial course. This will help show you what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and you will know from then on if this is for you.