The dressmaking studio is the headspace of any dressmaker. Its where ideas and concepts come to life, so it is important that it is a space that allows your creativity to take flight. Dressmaking studios don’t start out as these grandiose rooms where it is fully equipped and all the fabrics are hanging on the wall, no. This is where you want to end up, but this is not where you will start. Keep it simple, neat and tidy. The idea is to create a clean and open space for your creations to come to life, and it does not have to be expensive.

Before all that, you should come down to our studios here at So So Into It Academy and come to learn the basics with us. We offer comprehensive courses which will teach you the basic skills to get you started on your dressmaking journey. From the basics of how to use a sewing machine to learning how to make those intricate patterns. Our studios are situated in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town in Brackenfell and is fully kitted out to get your skill level up. You will meet with other aspiring dressmakers looking to get their start in the industry as well, which could make for some exciting connections and collaborations. Once you complete your course you will be awarded a certificate as you get your start on your dressmaking journey.