Courses in dressmaking are designed to make sure that you learn all you need to know about dressmaking. From learning how to operate a sewing machine to learning more advanced and intricate design patterns. Some institutions offer all encompassing courses, but you can go to certain academies to simply learn certain skills surrounding dressmaking. Whether you want to simply and modestly create and design custom dresses or whether you want to exhibit your designs at a fashion show. Deciding to do a dressmaking course is the best way to make sure your dream comes true.

Dressmaking In Cape Town

Depending on where you are situated in Cape Town, whether it be the Northern or Southern suburbs or the rest of the Peninsula. You probably want to go to an institution which is closer and more convenient. The most important factor is to find the institution which has your best interests at heart. A place that doesn’t treat you just as another source of income but takes a genuine interest in your improvement and growth as a would-be dressmaker.

So So Into It Academy is a dressmaking academy that is equipped to teach you the basics. From learning how to use a sewing machine to learning how to create patterns. You will also learn how to pockets, zips, collars and cuffs, sleeves, buttons and many more!

So So Into It Academy is fashion school that strives to teaching passionate individuals the fundamentals of Pattern Making and Sewing. These courses are great for anyone interested ranging from almost any age.

Choose A Course

At So So Into It Academy you can choose from a range of courses. Each teaching you a certain skill with different difficulty levels.

Pattern Making Courses

Sewing Courses

Where Are The Classes Located?

So So Into It Academy currently resides in its first Studio in Brackenfell in the Norther Suburbs of Cape Town. The studio is completely kitted out with all the equipment that you will need to help you throughout your course although you can still bring your own machine if you wish to do so. It is a fun learning environment were everyone is trying to pursue their goals in mastering the fundamentals of sewing. Classes are available throughout the weekdays and on Saturday mornings. 

Pattern Making Course Cape Town Northern Suburbs
Pattern Making Course Cape Town Northern Suburbs
Pattern Making Course Cape Town Northern Suburbs
Pattern Making Course Cape Town Northern Suburbs