The classes for dressmaking are where the magic happens. Where knowledge is gained and the art is attained, where your ideas no longer seem so much of a stretch. The best way to learn an art like dressmaking is to be in a space where there is a master of their craft teaching you their skills and passing their knowledge to you. Additionally, a good space where you are safe to practice and refine your skills is necessary to become a great dressmaker. From sewing to patterns it’s all available to you if you really want to realise your dreams.

Sewing classes

A good sewing class will first teach you how to use your sewing machine and what functions they have. You should also learn the safe practices of using a sewing machine, so you never face injury when using one. These lessons will also include how to sew seams, darts, pleats, gathers and zips among others. You should by this stage be learning how to sew pockets, collars, cuffs, hems and sleeves among others.

Sewing Classes At So So Into It Academy

Pattern Making Classes

A good place to start with pattern making is practice, practice and more practice. While there are guides, it is advised to practice a lot so that your muscle memory remembers how to design these patterns. Great introductory courses will show you how to use basic pattern making tools, measuring patterns, Italian pattern making, how to draw basic bodice blocks and drawing basic one piece sleeves as well as dark manipulation. While you learn the basics, it is best to apply these guides to your own unique style so separate yourself from other dressmakers.

Pattern Making Classes At So So Into It Academy

When Can I Start?

Whenever you are ready! We have classes almost everyday of the week. Simply click on the button below, fill in the form and then we will call you back!