If you reside in the Northern Suburbs and are looking for a dressmaking institution, then look no further than So So Into It Academy. Tailor made courses for the avid beginner who wants to get into dressmaking. From sewing to pattern design, it’s all here and available to anybody who is keen to realise their dreams of becoming a dressmaker.

Sewing Classes Bellville

Bellville is the city centre of the Northern Suburbs, kind of like how Cape Town CBD is for the Atlantic Seaboard. Naturally this means there is a huge amount of traffic coming in and out of the city centre, making it easy for people to get to. Elna offers some courses, but these courses and aimed specifically for use with the Elna range of products. Their courses range from sewing to pattern making to tailoring to offering beginners courses in sewing with part time and full time options ranging from 1 hour to an entire year. How good you want to be is up to you.

If you are looking for a classes in the North, then why not join us at So So Into It Academy? These courses are great for anyone interested ranging from almost any age.

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At So So Into It Academy you can choose from a range of courses. Each teaching you a certain skill with different difficulty levels.

Pattern Making Courses

Sewing Courses

When Can I Start?

Whenever you are ready! We have classes almost everyday of the week. Simply click on the button below, fill in the form and then we will call you back!